Private Consultations

Greater West Exercise Physiology provides services via private consultations. This allows our health professionals to work closely with the client allowing specific tailored exercise prescription to appropriately treat and manage a health condition, chronic disease or musculoskeletal injury.

Standard Consultation $75 (45 minutes)     Book a Session Online 

Session Package – 10 x Standard Consultations $55 each session (45 minutes) or 6 x Standard Consultations $66 each session (45 minutes)

*Health Fund rebates are available and are dependent on Extras Cover.

Telehealth Consultations

Greater West Exercise Physiology offers consultations via Telehealth services. This is also referred to as video or online sessions allowing the delivery of technology-based exercise supporting wellness, prevention of health conditions and health management. These sessions can be provided through telecommunication including video, telephone and mobile applications.

Telehealth consultations can be accessed through a range of referral pathways including:

  • Private standard consultation       BOOK NOW
  • Medicare CDM plans via an appropriate GP referral. These sessions are bulk-billed.        BOOK NOW
  • Department of Veteran Affairs via an appropriate referral.
  • Selected private health insurers via appropriate referral.       BOOK NOW
  • NSW Workers Cover Scheme via appropriate referral.
  • NDIS via appropriate referral.


Exercise Program Design

Greater West Exercise Physiology offers consultations to develop an individualised exercise program for you to perform at home or the current fitness facility that you attend. Exercise programs can be designed to assist with achieving specific goals, injury management or chronic disease management. Exercise programs are designed and delivered via technology platforms or via printable versions.

Initial consultations are 45-minute in duration to establish specific goals of the program. Follow-up consultations are 30-minute in duration.


Initial consultation $75  Follow-up $40


Workers Compensation

Greater West Exercise Physiology are SIRA accredited. We work with complex injuries and workers compensation claims. The goal of our services is to assist injured workers achieve a safe and feasible return to work capacity that meets the functional capacity demands of their role. We work closely with the injured worker, general practitioner, rehabilitation consultants, other allied health practitioners, employers and the insurers. This allows a multidisciplinary approach ensuring appropriate patient management through the claim to achieve a successful return-to-work.

Our interventions include individualised rehabilitation programs both land-based and hydrotherapy-based, work capacity/musculoskeletal assessments and injury prevention programs.

Services for WorkCover are provided via an appropriate referral pathway. For more information please directly contact Greater West Exercise Physiology.

Phone:  0404 871 484 or 02 4577 2348



Diabetic & Active Classes

Diabetic & Active is our in-house exercise program for Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics. These supervised sessions are held weekly and aim to provide skills, education and knowledge of how to perform appropriate and safe exercise as a diabetic. Our health professionals offer support and guidance to our participants to help establish healthier lifestyles through understanding the importance of regular exercise to improve diabetes management and reduce the likelihood of long-term health complications. Our sessions are held in a small-group based format ensuring a safe and supportive environment to engage in exercise. Each participant receives an individualised exercise program designed by our Accredited Exercise Physiologist which is updated regularly as you improve your fitness levels.

The exercises sessions are designed:

  • Assist with weight-loss and improve body composition
  • Improve fitness levels, increase exercise tolerance and promote general strength improvement.
  • Improve balance and coordination
  • Improve Glycaemic control and lower HbA1c levels
  • Reduce complications associated with diabetes
  • Promote self-management of diabetes via knowledge and education


Session visits are $5 each. 

*Type 2 diabetics may have classes covered by Medicare upon appropriate GP referral.


Upbeat Hearts

Cardiac rehabilitation is a program of support, education and exercise to assist with strengthening your heart and creating long-term lifestyle changes to help you live a healthier life.

Engaging in cardiac rehabilitation after a heart event, surgery intervention or diagnosis of a heart condition helps to lower your chances of having heart problems in the future. The Upbeat Heart program is offered twice per week on Monday and Wednesday’s in a supervised setting with tailored exercise prescription to suit your ability to promote a return to daily activities such as working or driving.


Sessions are $10 each


Move To Live – Seniors Exercise

The Move To Live exercise program is for individuals aged 50+. Our group based delivery classes focus on improving strength, balance, mobility, confidence and increasing fitness levels. Classes are delivered in a group setting to encourage important social benefits as well as a motivating environment. All fitness levels and exercise experience are welcomed.

Move To Live classes are offered onsite at our clinic (Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays), Richmond Uniting Church (Wednesday) and North Richmond Community Centre (Friday).


$5 per session 

Move To Live – Seniors Gym Membership

We offer an all access membership for individuals 50+. This membership allows you access to our facility between the hours of 11am and 3pm, Monday through to Friday. Our gym-floor is supervised and you are guided and encouraged with a suitable exercise program tailored to your needs to ensure you are safe whilst exercising. This membership is a great option for those who prefer a flexible schedule, currently recovering or rehabilitating or like to exercise at their own pace. Our equipment is easy to use ranging from free-weights to cable and pin-loaded machines as well as a range of cardio based machines. Our health professionals ensure you feel safe and confident whilst using the equipment and are always on hand to answer any exercise based questions.


$10 weekly

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Lungs In Action

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HEAL Program