Men’s Health Program

Strong Body. Strong Mind

The Men’s Project is a holistic approach to Men’s Health through nutrition, exercise and mental wellness. Our allied health team guide participants through 8-weeks of evidence based exercise that is safe and effective for men 45 years+. The aim of the program is to provide guidance on exercise recommencement, provide education on the best approach to exercise incorporating both aerobic and strength training as we age, and setting up the platform to succeed with consistency in exercise engagement to establish lifestyle behaviour change and strive for better health and fitness levels. At completion of the 8-Week program Jayden and Owen help to guide you forward into long term programs including our LIFE classes.

8 – Week Program

Cost $400 ($25 per session)

*This program is eligible for Health Fund Rebates

Morning Program – Tuesday and Thursday 8am -9am

Evening Program – Monday and Wednesday 6pm -7pm

EVOLT Body Scans

Evolt body scans are performed pre- and post programs to show body composition improvements. These scans are a great motivating tool to provide information on lean muscle increases, visceral fat reductions and improvements on fitness age.

Additionally the body scans can provide evidence on correct exercise prescription based on the individual’s goals.

The 8 – week program consists of structured evidence based exercise prescription suitable for males 45 years+. Each individual performs a pre-program assessment to gauge current fitness and strength levels to assist our exercise physiologists to tailor sessions accordingly.

The sessions progress over the 8-weeks as participants’ fitness and strength levels improve. The sessions will combine strength training for muscle and bone health and aerobic based exercise for prevention and management of heart disease.

During the 8-weeks there are educational sessions hosted covering topics of nutrition, exercise adherence and mental and well-being health.

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