Move To Live

…is our low impact strength and balance exercise program targeted at individuals 50 years and older.

If you are looking for low impact strength based exercise to improve muscle and bone health, posture, falls prevention and increase your general fitness level then this program is for you. There are lots of benefits to exercising as we age!

Our group format classes increase social connection, encourages community support, and of course provides a good laugh and friendly chat with a coffee after the class.

Only $5 Per Session

No booking required. 

If you would like more information, call us on 0404 871 484  or email us at

Our Move To Live program is offered currently in 6 locations throughout the Hawkesbury.

We have teamed up with local community centres and Greater Western Health to expand the offering of the Move to Live program. Our exercise program is delivered by health professionals and caters for all fitness levels.

Walking aids are welcomed.

Greater West Exercise Physiology 

Unit 5/74 Mileham Street, South Windsor
Monday 10.30am
Tuesday 10.30am
Thursday 10.30am


North Richmond Neighbourhood Centre

33 William Street, North Richmond
Monday 9am
Friday 9am

Greater Western Health 

1147 Grose Vale Road, Kurrajong
Tuesday 10.30am
Friday 10.30am

Richmond Uniting church 

25 West Market Street, Richmond
Wednesday 10.30am

Glossodia Community Hall 

162 Golden Valley Drive, Glossodia
Wednesday 10.30am

Sir Kingsford Smith North Richmond

Monday 11am
Thursday 11am
*Residents only 

Move to Live has greatly improved my confidence in falls prevention. Owen is very good at his job and takes his time giving us the right direction. It’s a good social time meeting people who have the same problems.
The class has given me a huge reduction in pain and increased range of movement. This has allowed me to continue and try new activities I would not have been able to do before starting the class.

The classes have improved my leg strength and I can now get up from the couch without using my arms. 


I am now stronger in the legs and can do squats again.


Fun way to exercise. The instructors are friendly and informative.


I’m really enjoying the classes. The instructors are excellent. The exercises are done at your own level and you progress at your own pace.


I have become more mobile and have found it has helped my back a great deal. The trainers are very good.