Health & Exercise Programs

Our health and exercise programs provide affordable access to safe, effective and supervised exercise. Our team of health professionals provide guidance, support and valuable knowledge to better improve your health and exercise level. Our programs directly target specific chronic disease management or specific age groups to assist with ensuring exercise delivery is targeted and suitable. We offer both online and face to face programs with a particular focus on a group-setting delivery to encourage the social benefits of physical activity.


Move To Live – Seniors Exercise Programs

The Move To Live exercise program is for individuals aged 50+. Our group based delivery classes focus on improving strength, balance, mobility, confidence and increasing fitness levels. Classes are delivered in a group setting to encourage important social benefits as well as a motivating environment. Our Move To Live classes are offered in a variety of locations in the Hawkesbury area including:

  • South Windsor – Held at Greater West Exercise Physiology every Monday, Tuesday & Thursday  at 10.30am
  • Richmond – Held at Richmond Uniting Church every Wednesday at 10.30am
  • North Richmond – Held at North Richmond Neighbourhood Centre every Friday at 9am

Each class is $5 and no booking is required. If you would like more information about the classes or locations please contact us or simply turn up to a class. We welcome all levels of fitness.

Move To Live – Online Class

The Move To Live online program is for individuals aged 50+. This exercise program focuses on improving strength, balance, mobility and general fitness levels to improve quality of life and independence. This program consists of simple exercises targeting the whole body with minimal equipment and suitable for all levels. The session is delivered and instructed by one of our health professionals and is 45 minutes in duration. We currently use Zoom as our platform for delivering the sessions.

Move To Live Online Class

The Move To Live weekly online session $5:

  • Online session delivered every Monday at 10.30am on Zoom.
  • Low impact exercise session suitable for all fitness levels.
  • Minimal equipment required to join.
  • Session is instructed and delivered by our health professionals

Seniors Gym Membership

We offer an all access membership for individuals 50+. This membership allows you access to our facility between the hours of 11am and 3pm, Monday through to Friday. Our gym-floor is supervised and you are guided and encouraged with a suitable exercise program tailored to your needs to ensure you are safe whilst exercising. This membership is a great option for those who prefer a flexible schedule, currently recovering or rehabilitating or like to exercise at their own pace. Our equipment is easy to use ranging from free-weights to cable and pin-loaded machines as well as a range of cardio based machines. Our health professionals ensure you feel safe and confident whilst using the equipment and are always on hand to answer any exercise based questions.

Our membership is offered via a weekly payment option or a 3-month plan with gym access costing $10 per week. Membership costs may also be rebatable through certain health funds.


Diabetes Exercise Program

The Diabetic & Active exercise programs are designed to assist and guide people living with type 1, type 2 and pre-diabetes with safe and effective exercise. Our group based programs provide an entry-level opportunity to commence exercise at a level best suited. Our group programs are offered through low impact sessions or a moderate level circuit classes. Our health professionals work with you to tailor a suitable exercise program and are also available to assist with supporting improved diabetes management.

Low Impact Sessions are held on Monday & Wednesday 10.30am and Tuesday & Thursday 8.30am

Moderate level circuit classes are held on Tuesday & Thursday 5.30pm

Diabetic & Active sessions are $5 per session. Medicare referrals are accepted and some health funds may offer rebates.

For more information on these programs please contact us or to book an initial consultation please click here


HEALTM (Healthy Eating Active Living) Program

The Healthy Eating Activity and Lifestyle program helps people to develop lifelong healthy lifestyle habits. The program offers a 2 hour group session each week for 8 weeks:

  • 1 hour of gentle exercise
  • 1 hour of lifestyle education

Exercise sessions involve group exercises that anyone can do. The groups are with friendly, supportive people.

The HEALTM program will help you to manage your:

  • Weight
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Heart disease (including high blood pressure or high cholesterol)

For more information or to register for our next upcoming 8-Week program please contact us.

The Healthy Eating Activity and Lifestyle program currently receives full funding subsidy from Wentworth Healthcare for participants that meet the eligible criteria in the Hawkesbury region. If you would like more information please contact us.

Upbeat Hearts Cardiac Program

Cardiac rehabilitation is a program of support, education and exercise to assist with strengthening your heart and creating long-term lifestyle changes to help you live a healthier life.

Engaging in cardiac rehabilitation after a heart event, surgery intervention or diagnosis of a heart condition helps to lower your chances of having heart problems in the future. The Upbeat Heart program is offered twice per week on Monday and Wednesday’s in a supervised setting with tailored exercise prescription to suit your ability to promote a return to daily activities such as working or driving.

Exercises might include walking, cycling, rowing and resistance training. The goal of exercise is to strengthen your heart and reduce your chances of future heart issues. Our exercise physiologists will ensure you are guided safely each session.

Upbeat hearts is a suitable program for individuals who have had coronary heart disease, a heart attack or angina attack, stent procedure (PCI) or heart surgery (CAGS), a device insertion (pacemaker/implanted defibrillator), a cardiac arrest, stroke or TIA.

To participate in the Upbeat Hearts Program you will be required to attend an initial assessment to ensure the program is suitable for you to engage in. A referral is not necessary however you may be eligible for Medicare benefits.

On The Mend Rehabilitation Membership

We understand that rehabilitation is a journey and ongoing exercise strengthening is vital to maintaining pain management, muscle and joint strengthening and overall treatment progress. Our rehabilitation membership offers our clients the opportunity to continue the rehabilitation on an access membership so that there is an opportunity to still receive guidance, motivation and advice. We continue monitoring progress and providing continued program updating to ensure the rehabilitation does not cease upon treatment discharge.

On The Mend rehabilitation membership allows access to our facility Monday through to Friday. This membership allows flexible attendance with exercise performed under supervision of our Exercise Physiologists.

Membership is offered at a weekly rate or 3-month upfront options. Rebates may be available through Private Health Funds.

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